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Principles, Beliefs, and Commitment
of Redemption Ridge

We Believe: Redemption Ridge is held to a high standard of faith-based beliefs which includes, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Integrity: We are committed to running the organization of Redemption Ridge with honesty and integrity. This means using funds in an appropriate manner at all times, being honest in our communication with others, meaning what we say and following through to the best of our ability, and making sure that those persons taking care of different aspects of the organization are committed to integrity, as well.

Respect: We are a respecter of persons regardless of sex, age, race, sexual preference, or belief system. We are committed to extending the God-given right of respect to all staff members, volunteers, victims of human trafficking, survivors of sexual abuse, and to the community at large.

Nobility: We believe fighting the injustice of human trafficking is a right and noble cause. Our belief in Biblical principles is the compelling factor in our decision to engage in the battle of this horrendous crime.

Healing: We are committed to focusing on the whole person at Redemption Ridge Resource Center and Grace House by offering healing to the body, mind and spirit of each individual. We will offer the highest form of trauma informed/sensitive care available and will work diligently to stay current with new studies and adjust our program, if necessary.

Freedom: We are committed to the assurance that each person involved with Redemption Ridge will never have to experience re-victimization, re-exploitation, or re-traumatization while under our care. We understand that each individual must be part of the decision to engage fully in the healing process. This is the freedom of choice they will encounter at Redemption Ridge.

Mercy: We believe that mercy triumphs over judgment. We are committed to the restoration of each individual through the daily experience of mercy and love, without judgment or condemnation. If we have to err, we will err on the side of grace and compassion in all circumstances.