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Redemption Ridge
Resource Center

Redemption Ridge Resource Center serves as the first point of contact for female survivors of domestic sex trafficking. We offer assistance to those impacted by sexual exploitation through resources, referrals and direct care support. Our Resource Center provides culturally specific, survivor centered outreach including individual counseling, group therapy, and family support to those needing outpatient services. 

crisisresponseResources and Referrals
Redemption Ridge offers resources and referrals to those individuals needing services beyond what is offered at our Resource Center. We work with organizations within the local community, as well as providers throughout the nation, to coordinate quality care. Our goal is to provide initial support and aid survivors in finding avenues to begin their journey toward healing.

Redemption Ridge advocates provide support during the restoration and healing process for each client through mentorship. The advocates foster life skills, friendships, and affirmation of hope to the survivor. They are trained to deal with specific needs of individuals who have been or are currently involved in sexual exploitation. Redemption Ridge requires advocates to complete initial as well as on-going training to ensure they are equipped with the necessary tools and skills to aid the survivor in their individual journey to healing.

crisisresponse2Resource Center Onsite Support
Trauma informed restorative care is available by a licensed therapist for survivors needing one on one individualized therapy in addition to other services provided at the Resource Center.

Group support, overseen by a licensed therapist, is also available as individuals come together to uplift each other and assist one another in their healing process as co-survivors.

Redemption Ridge provides support to family members of survivors receiving services at our Resource Center. The impact sex trafficking leaves on a family can be devastating. We want to ensure families are properly equipped to support their loved one during the healing process.